Dragon's Dynamite

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I was with my best friend, J. We were taking a trip down to Aberystwyth to meet up with my housemates and go out mushroom picking, as we'd heard they were in season. He'd just come back from Amsterdam and surprised me before we got there by producing 20g of Dragon's Dynamite (Psilocybe Pajateros), insisting we split one box between the two of us for our visit to the hills.
We've eaten mushrooms and truffles together many times before, and although I anticipated Aberystwyth to be a perfect setting to trip, I had no idea how incredibly correct I was.

On the day of the trip we ate a hearty breakfast at about midday, but fasted ourselves from then on. We also bought a multipack of dark chocolate (apparently it intensifies the trip) and there was a build up of excitement/anxiety all day, as I looked forward to the excitement. J is about half a foot taller than me, and about 10kilos heavier, so I knew that my trip was most probably going to be stronger than his. I would have thought that this would usually make me nervous, but instead I was filled with feelings of confidence, and noticing I was confident made me even more so!

We ate the truffles at about 3:30pm, with crunched up crisps. We'd originally intended to eat them on their own, but they were simply too disgusting.. The dose was about 10g each, but we split them by eye so I can't say precisely. We had made it out to the car (a sober friend, G was driving) and had parked out next to a field before I start to feel any effects, and by the time we got into the field, I could feel the presence of nature accelerating my consciousness into that familiar 'hyper-reality' of the psilocybin experience. I definitely think that being out in the natural world makes trips far more enjoyable, but in this instance, I really feel like it was the constant crouching down and examining the micro world in and amongst the grass, which really made me appreciate the change in perception, which (most noticeably) were;
- I felt like I could see more, I know a lot of people say stuff like "taking truffles opened my eyes, man" but my actual field of vision felt wider, as if that darkness surround the oval of what-i-can-see had receded.
- My sense of balance and what was up/down was way more dependent on my vision, making it rather fun to run around pretending to be an airplane, or tip my head and watch the world revolve around me.
- The hills were moving! The fractal movement in our natural environment was creating and incredibly interesting effect whereby some areas were being stretched and other places compressed. This was on anything with leaves/blades of grass and it was all instantly apparent all at once, whenever it was in my field of view.
- I was filled with an excitement and confidence that was compounding off itself, and intensifying all the time. The more I thought about how much I was enjoying myself, the more I enjoyed myself! This often exploded out my mouth as ecstatic laughter and roaring.

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The shroom-picking aspect of the trip had largely fallen apart for me and J, it was impossible to concentrate on one track of focus for more than a minute, but the rest of the group were still thoroughly scanning the fields which took us on a tour through the fences and woodland. We wound up in what my farming friend G assured me was a test field, for different types of crop, but it was basically a maze, and before long we were all running around it like maniacs (even those of a sober mind couldn't resist) deliberately getting lost and scaring each other. Even though this was intense I still felt bulletproof and there was no fear, Only the kind of playful terror one might receive from a scary movie or video game, when you know it isn't real. I contemplated how much of a milestone this to have essentially conquered this kind of psychedelic pseudo fear, seeing it for the illusion it was.

I stuck my head inside a thick patch of extremely tall grass, and as I listened to noise it was making, I began to laugh hysterically. Even though it wasn't funny, I felt like I was laughing at the beauty of the sound, as if I realized the purpose of such beauty is to make us laugh with life. And this sound, indescribable as it is, I can still hear the way it echoed inside my mind (my mind, rather than my ears, but it was still definitely a sound). And as I went back to look for J I found him red-faced and gasping for air, drowning in hysterics that roared out from within me where I had allowed me to gradually recede.
Through howls of laughter and clutching each other for balance, we tried to rationalize the simultaneous fit of merriment, but only found there were no words with which we could accomplish such a task. The experience was ineffable, but our understanding of it was shared.

As we drove home, the peak of the truffles drew back into reality and sensibility, and we drove out to the concrete pier to smoke a joint by the lighthouse. I had been reflecting on the day and how marvelous it had been, and felt extremely aware of how many days like it there were to be had, and how lucky i was to be living there. And as we all sat taking in the eternal dynamic between the immovable rocks and the irresistible force of the ocean, I felt myself (reluctantly) slip out of the clouds, and down into the stone.

- D

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